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>> Full EP Available NOW >>

Hi You Beautiful Funkers! – The full ‘Funk Therapy’ EP is here.

DEEP SEATED started these tracks some time ago and various players have come and gone since. On these recordings past ‘funk familia’ can be heard and muchas gracias to their input, funk energy and love. Thanks Blain McKim (Drums), Anita Eccleston (Trumpet) and Micah Brachman (Trumpet) – it couldn’t have been done without you. You all added your flavour.

You can also buy individual tracks from our store. Both the full EP and single tracks will be up for sale on iTunes, Amazon, etc – but please consider buying through our store via PayPal, especially the full EP, as we get dinged less for transaction fees.

Thank you again for your support and for our new friends – welcome!

CD Back Cover, EP, Funk Therapy, 2014.

CD Back Cover, EP, Funk Therapy, 2014.


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